POP Blog

When I was practicing surgery, I was frequently told I had a knack for explaining complex medical concepts in easy to understand ways.  There are a lot of things that happen in healthcare that seem silly and providers rarely have time to explain the reasoning / science behind them.  So if you’re interested, I’ll try to demystify some of it.

These are some of my thoughts on issues surrounding surgery, healthcare, and the world in general.  They are, of course, general.  I can’t be responsible for how you use this information but feel that most of it is generic and practical enough for public consumption.  Be well.

July 19 – Practical Post-Op Tips.

January 19 – the Pop Top, from the manufacturing point of view.

January 4 – Prehabilitation

October 21 – Pop Boxes for Mom!

September 9 – Wound Healing 101.

August 24 – the Tank Tops are Here!!

July 25 – Why do I have to… Part 1.  Nothing to eat or drink after midnight.  WHY??

July 18 – 10 things to think about before your surgery.