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Someone you know needs to have surgery.  Not fun but it happens.  You want to help but how?  Maybe you don’t know exactly what’s going on but still want to show you care.  Maybe they don’t live close. Maybe they’re a co-worker or someone you don’t know that well.  The usual “get well” gifts don’t seem right. How much chocolate can one person eat after surgery?  Flowers die, you can only use so many pairs of comfy socks, and mix tapes just aren’t cool anymore.

Send a POP box.  They’re filled with postoperative supplies and products to make recovering from surgery just a bit more comfortable.  These are things they can actually use.  You can decide what size box to get, whether to have it sent to you or directly to them, and you hook them up with a resource to get more supplies if they run out.  They’re thoughtful gifts, literally a care package.

The contents of these boxes are designed to be versatile, most of them will help after just about any procedure.  POP Boxes are suitable for men or women, are as natural and fragrance-free as possible, and include nothing that made with natural rubber latex.   Send a gift that will make them smile then help them feel better. Send a POP Box.

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